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New Beginnings

Today was my first day as a business owner.  I've been in the homebuilding industry for over 15 years, but always working for someone else.  Well, now it's up to me.  I have both the authority and the responsibility for the success of this venture.  Please check back to see how things progress.  Thanks for checking in with me and please send me your referrals.

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Congratulations on your venture.
I have witnessed the beautiful homes
that were a result of your work ethic,
dedication, and willingness to please
your clients. Best wishes for continued
# Posted By Peg | 5/18/13 9:32 AM
Excellent web page. I mean it. Sitewhirks did you proud. I like the blog. I like the slide show. I will be telling people to check you out here on the web. Also the tree houses are very cool. Would love for you to do a site visit with me to a couple of parcels I have in Stafford County near Quantico Marine Base. And Rappahannock County.
# Posted By John Marshall Cheatwood | 9/12/13 9:44 PM
# Posted By Eickhoff | 8/31/17 8:42 AM
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